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mengkudu Mengkudu

Mengkudu (Java: pace, kemudu, flower); cengkudu (Sunda), kodhuk (Madura), wengkudu (Bali) derived local Southeast Asia, classified in the family Rubiaceae. Another name for this plant is Noni (Hawaiian language), Nono (Tahiti language), nonu (Tonga language), ungcoikan (Myanmar language) and Ach (Hindi).

This plant grows in low altitude at 1500 m. High tree mengkudu reached 3-8 m, has a white flower head. Fruit is green and has a shiny spot-spot.
Mengkudu often used as drugs.


Mengkudu origin is the existence of the Polynesian peoples who lived in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Polynesian nation is derived from Southeast Asia. In the year 100 BC, the people who are brave mengembara.tanpa this because they are clear across the ocean to leave their home. There is an impression that in the nomadic kecewakan by a sense of things and draw away from the previous life. After the old rogue, they are up to around Polynesia, the islands around the South Pacific. The adventurers directly be taken while viewing the beautiful scenery, beach conditions, and pulaunya.

Uniquely, as if they were prepared to move to another island. This can be evidenced with a number of plants and animals that participated brought, because it is important to maintain life. Some native plants, such as banana, taro, sweet potato, toothless gum, sugar cane, and mengkudu, between dibawanya.di brought it, there is still a form of stek and shoot. One of the plants, namely mengkudu, goods are considered sacred. Since 1500 years ago the island that is now called the Hawaiian mengkudu know with a young sexy.html”target=”_blank”title=”Hot Girl Pose Image” >girl. They suspect latin plant called Morinda citrifolia has many benefits. They memandangnya as Hawaii magic plant, because this is the fruit can treat various diseases.

The characteristics of general

Mengkudu tree is not so large, the height between 4-6 m. crooked crooked-stem, branchy rigid, rugged, and has roots that stuck in the upside. Stem bark greyish-brown or straw-brown kuniangan, be split in shallow, not furry, four children bersegai branches. Tajuknya suklalu green all year round. Wood mengkudu easy to be dried after. Cantilever can be used to pepper plants.

Leaved thick shiny. Leaves mengkudu located face-to-face. Large-size leaves large, thick, and a single. Ellipse lancet-shaped, measuring 15-50 x 5-17 cm. edge leaves flat, short end of the taper. Base wedge-shaped leaves. Menyirip leaf nerves. Color hiaju shiny, not feathered. Leaf base short, size 0,5-2,5 cm. penumpu leaf size varied, wide-shaped triangle. Mengkudu leaves can be eaten as vegetables. High nutrient value because many contain vitamin A.

Perbungaan mengkudu bertipe tuber rounded, 1-4 cm bergagang. Flowers grow in the axilla penumpu that leaves dealing with the leaves that grow normally. Two flowers in pairs. Crown of white flowers, funnel-shaped, the length can reach 1.5 cm. Stamen stuck in the mouth crown. Pistil head berputing two. Flowers that bloom from the pod shaped like bunches. Flowers white, fragrant.

Sheath flowers grow into fruit rounded oval of egg even have a berdiameter 7,5-10 cm. The fruit surface as divided into cells poligonal (many facets), which pitted and warty. At first the fruit is green, the ripe white colors. Once cooked, the color white transparent and soft. Pulp composed of fruit-fruit pyramid-shaped stone, red-brown color. After a soft, flesh of the fruit contains many mengkudu water aromanya like rotten cheese. Smell that arise because of mixing between kaprik acid and acid kaproat (compound lipid or fat that cluster molekulnya easily evaporate, such as oil is to be atsiri) that rancid smell and the taste sour kaprilat not tasty. This is allegedly the second compound is active as antibiotics.

Gynecology mengkudu

Nutritional substances: overall mengkudu nutritious food is a fruit full. Nutritional substances that the body needs, such as protein, viamin, and important minerals, is available on dalm enough fruit and leaves mengkudu:

One of the minerals that are on the mengkudu a great antioxidants. Various types of compound in the mengkudu: xeronine, plant sterois, alizarin, lycine, sosium, caprylic acid, arginine, proxeronine, antra quinines, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium, etc..

This substance helps in the process of organic synthesis and recovery of body cells.


Anti-bacterial substances.
Oxygen-active substances in the juice mengkudu can kill bacteria that cause infections, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Protens morganii, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, and Escherichia coli. Anti-bacterial substance that can also control the bacterial pathogen (death), such as Salmonella montivideo, S. scotmuelleri, S. typhi, and Shigella dusenteriae, S. flexnerii, S. pradysenteriae, and Staphylococcus aureus.


Scolopetin compound as a very effective element of anti-inflammation and anti allergic.


Anti-cancer substances.
Substance anti-cancer substances that are on the mengkudu most effective against abnormal cells.


Xeronine and Proxeronine.
One of the important alkaloid that terdapt in the fruit mengkudu is xeronine. Mengkudu fruit xeronine only slightly, but many contain material forming (precursor) xeronine alias proxeronine in large numbers. Proxeronine is similar nukleat acid such as colloid-colloid other. Xeronine absorbed body cells to enable protein-protein that is not active, set the structure and form of the active cell.


Mengkudu various benefits:
As wild plants, and poor appearance of decay, increased Pamor mengkudu now be food, drinks and medicines herbal alternative. It’s not a pleasure, but because of the many health benefits to the body.

In Indonesia, especially in rural communities are actually consumed since mengkudu first. The Java community rujak duck material that is one of this fruit, while the leaves of young people prepare to become part of the raw material vegetable or eaten raw as lalapan. New in 1990-an increasingly recognized mengkudu knowledgeable. Popularity mengkudu not be separated from the success of the Food Institute Pengkajian Business Bogor (LPBP), a research institute which examines the first Indonesian mengkudu benefits for human health.

Popularity mengkudu now increasingly the world, especially after Dr Solomon Heil perform therapy on 8000 patients. The result is very brisk indeed, the essence mengkudu continuously provide positive correlation to the healing of cancer disease, the heart, to control hypertension, indigestion, diabetes and stroke. In addition mengkudu extract can also be trusted to increase endurance and stamina and help the body cure tuberculosis (TB). Mengkudu also rich in fiber is good for digestive health channel.

Mengkudu Product Variety:

Many people are less like the aroma mengkudu smell and taste sour. Do not khuatir, at this time a variety of products it mengkudu many circulating in the market. From fruit juice mengkudu rich taste, tablet mengkudu until the capsule form easily we can get. Even not only that, the body care products and cosmetics such as shampoo, soap, body lotion etc. also use raw materials mengkudu.

Create your love consume mengkudu fresh, the following tips can help reduce the aroma mengkudu which does not taste sour and tasty. Mix extract / juice mengkudu already in the filter with brown sugar or honey. Save a place in the clean, cool and a closed meeting for 2-4 days, and juice-drink ready without even smell the sting and a sweet fresh taste. This process will become askorbat acid, kaproat and kaprik causes stink. Keep in mind, however, do not store it too long because it will cause terbentuknya compound alcohol memabukan.

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